Limelite plaster renovation to stone built cottage walls

The Challenge

Northants Plastering required plaster that could deliver a traditional appearance to a 200-year-old stone cottage. A lime-based, breathable material being the key requirement. Secondary to the traditional material and performance attributes was the requirement for a fast-drying material. Limelite offered the perfect solution, a lime-based plaster that offers programme efficiencies through fast-drying performance – ready to paint in 24hours.

Our Solution

Tarmac Specialist products has a unique heritage material that suited the customer’s needs. We were able to offer a lime-based breathable plaster system that provided the desired aesthetic finish and helped in the treatment of the damp.

Results and Benefits

Shayne Harris, Director Northants Plastering Services Ltd. “Limelite has been a great solution to a plasterer’s problem. We came across Limelite when one of our customers required a breathable plaster with a more traditional finish to his early 1800’s stone-built cottage. As a new customer to Limelite, our team quickly got to grips with the system and found working with it really good. The team at Tarmac were very helpful, assisting us throughout the work. Most importantly, we have a very happy customer. Northants Plastering Services Ltd will definitely be working with the product again.”

Additional Information

The Limelite Renovating Plaster system consists of breathable, BBA certified, plaster materials specially formulated for use on traditional and listed buildings. Designed to be breathable, flexible and sympathetic to traditional buildings, the plaster provides a permanent solution to damp and mould whilst improving insulation and reducing project times. Limelite breathable plasters help to solve damp and mould problems. They also help to control ambient moisture for sensitive environments like galleries and museums. They can be used on traditional porous substrates like brick and stone walls where they help to avoid damp and surface efflorescence. Limelite plasters can be applied to flood-damaged properties, significantly reducing turnaround and repair times.