Limelite Canal Grout




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Specialist grout for canal walls Pumped bentonite grout for tunnels Grout for manholes and drainage applications Bentonite grout for underground basements and vaults Bentonite based grout to seal foundations.


Product Description:

Limelite Canal Grout is a high-yield, bentonite-based grout designed for use in canal walls, sealing foundations, tunnels, vaults and manholes from water.

Effective water seal
Dense, clay-like consistency provides an effective long term water seal.

Flexible, crack resisting properties
Retains long-term dimensional stability, resists drying, and retains plasticity and flexibility to accommodate slight movement in structures, without cracking and maintain an effective seal.

One component mix
Limelite Canal Grout is ready to use straight from the bag by mixing with clean water. The pre-blended formula helps to save time and deliver consistent performance.

Good pumping characteristics
When mixed correctly, the flowing consistency allows quick, accurate pump placement without blockage or segregation.

Sets to a clay putty consistency
Sets to a clay putty consistency to mould around existing masonry and provide an effective seal.

Does not migrate
Good cohesion means that Limelite canal grout does not migrate and stays in place to form an effective barrier.

Factory blended
Exceptional quality control helps deliver a consistent product for a reliable performance every time. All Pozament products are factory blended, tested, and packaged to quality control procedures in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001.

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