Limelite Heritage

Original and best in heritage projects

Specially developed to preserve our heritage, the Limelite range of mortars, plasters, grouts and limes are formulated for use in conservation projects and traditional buildings.

With increased flexibility, durability and breathability, Limelite products are designed to be sympathetic to traditional buildings, providing a long-lasting, durable repair.

Heritage Plasters

Limelite Renovating Plasters are a range of breathable lime based plasters, for use on traditional and listed buildings, including ones that use lime mortars.

The Limelite breathable plaster system includes a renovating plaster, high impact finishing plaster, one coat plaster and breathable primer to control suction on dry porous substrates.

Our low shrinkage breathable plasters are suitable for redevelopment of old buildings and the repair and restoration of listed buildings.

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Heritage Mortars

  • Durable hydraulic lime based mortar.
  • Available in 6 distinct colours.
  • Designed for use with delicate building fabrics.
  • Dry, pre-blended, bagged mortar.

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Heritage Grouts

  • High fluidity, lime based grouts for void filling.
  • High penetration into rubble filled and masonry substrates.
  • High durability and flexibility.
  • Breathable.
  • Single component – easy to use.

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Limelite Hydraulic Lime & Lime Putty

Limelite Natural Hydraulic Limes are suitable for use in all types of construction - mortar, plasters, renders and screeds. Made from limestone that contain clay and silicates, they offer faster initial setting times on the addition of water other than non-hydraulic lime which sets by carbonation (re-absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air). They have a higher compressive strength than air lime and are also more durable, making them suitable for use in damp, exposed conditions, coastal areas including under water periodic flood areas.

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Limelite Brick & Stone Protector

Transparent, breathable, water repellent wall treatment that protects walls and improves thermal efficiency. This non-drip, brush or roller applied wall treatment dries to a transparent, colourless finish and prevents damp, mould and dirt on masonry to provide long lasting protection.

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