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Limelite Heritage Grout St Pancras is ideal for grouting up voids in rubble fill masonry or stone walls, amongst other low-pressure grouting projects that require a high fluidity, structural grout.


  • Lime based, Portland cement free
  • Long term durability and flexibility
  • Factory supplied and quality controlled
  • Extremely high fluidity
  • Increases the durability of traditional structures
  • Suitable for low pressure injection grouting in listed and heritage buildings

Technical Data Sheet (pdf)
Safety Data Sheet (pdf)
Technical Data

Product Description:

Limelite Heritage Grout St. Pancras is a pre-blended, hydraulic lime based structural grout designed for injection into masonry substrates to stabilise the structure.

Limelite Heritage Grout St. Pancras is breathable and flexible, making it suitable for use in listed and heritage structures. The grout is highly fluid to provide maximum penetration into the substrate and contains no Portland Cement.

Extremely High Fluidity
Highly fluid enabling penetration into fine fissures and cracks deep within the substrate.

Stabilises structures while accommodating the natural movement of the structure.

Proven Performance
Limelite Heritage Grouts are trusted by conservation professionals and proven on high profile and challenging projects including the redevelopment of St Pancras Station, a Grade I listed building, and one of the best Victorian buildings in central London.

Responsibly Sourced
All of our products are manufactured in the UK and certified under BES 6001 Responsible sourcing. Tarmac was the first company within the cement and lime sectors to be awarded the BES6001 ‘Excellent’ rating across its entire product range.

Technical Data

Setting time: 6-8 hours
Typical flow channel: >300mm
Yield: 12.6 litres per 15kg bag
Water/Solid ratio: 0.4 (6 litres per 15kg bag)

Compressive Strength (N/mm2)
3 days 7 days 21 days 28 days
0.5 8 12 15

Mixing Instructions
For best results Limelite Heritage Grout St Pancras should be mixed using a mechanical mixer, such as a bougee pan, colloidal mixer or a drill and paddle. 15kg of grout powder should be steadily added to 6 litres of cool, clean water, and mixed for 2-3 minutes until a smooth, homogeneous consistency is achieved.

Application Instructions
Limelite Heritage Grout St Pancras is designed to be pumped into place using suitable low-pressure injection equipment, such as helical screw, diaphragm or piston type pumps. Limelite Heritage Grout St. Pancras can be applied using a pressure pump and pumping pressures of 2 – 4 bar have been recorded in ducts between 2 to 4 metres long and 65mm diameter incorporating a 20mm grip bar. (High yield stainless steel.)

Clean Up & Spillages
Tools and equipment can easily be cleaned using water. Cleaning of tools and equipment should be carried out as soon as possible after application.

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