Limelite Heritage Mortar

About Limelite Mortar

Limelite Heritage Mortars are lime-based, cement-free mortars designed for the construction, repair, and re-pointing of brick, block and stone walls in traditional and historic buildings.

Our lime-based mortars can be used for bricklaying, block laying, and stone masonry. They are used for internal or external repair of bricks, blocks, and stone walls. Our flexible mortars reduce the risk of cracking and allow for slight movement and thermal expansion.

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Redevelopment, repair and restoration
They are used in the redevelopment of old buildings as well as the repair and restoration of listed buildings.

Reduce damp and mould
Using breathable mortars allow moisture to evaporate, to help reduce damp and mould.

Colour match
We can also supply colour matched lime mortar on request to match existing mortar for repair and restoration of buildings.

BES 6001 certified
All of our renovation mortars are manufactured in the UK and certified under BES 6001 Responsible sourcing.

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