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Limelite Whitewall One Coat Plaster is designed for use on cavity drain membranes and solid substrates, such as brick, block and stone.

The moisture resistance of the plaster makes it ideal for use with cavity drain membrane systems and tanking systems in underground and humid environments, such as basements, leisure centres and underground rail stations.


  • First class finish and excellent resistance to impact
  • Applies like a backing plaster yet closes like a finishing plaster
  • White finish allows for easy or no decoration
  • Suitable for application to most substrates
  • Not suitable for application onto plasterboards
  • Non-combustible to BS476:4.

Technical Data Sheet (pdf)
Safety Data Sheet (pdf)
Technical Data

Product Description:

Limelite Whitewall One Coat Plaster is a pre-blended, one coat plaster that is applied like a standard backing plaster but gives the finish and durability of a first-class finishing plaster. Whitewall One Coat is resistant to humidity and is therefore ideal for use with cavity drain membranes.

Tough, hard wearing finish
Whitewall One Coat provides a tough finish that is highly resistant to impact and casual damage.

Can be used on a wide range of traditional substrates such as solid brick and stone. It can also be used on walls that have previously suffered from damp or flooding.

Easy to use
Limelite Whitewall One Coat Plaster is lightweight, easy to mix and is applied using standard plastering tools and techniques without any additional training requirement. It is applied like a backing plaster yet has the finished appearance of a finishing plaster

No need to paint
Limelite Whitewall One Coat Plaster makes it easy to achieve a smooth, matt off white finish that can be left unpainted for a natural look. This saves on decorating costs.

Responsibly sourced
All of our products are manufactured in the UK and certified under BES 6001 Responsible sourcing. Tarmac was the first company within the cement and lime sectors to be awarded the BES6001 ‘Excellent’ rating across its entire product range.

High Impact Finishing Plaster plaster is part of the Limelite Breathable Plaster System, a system BBA approved eliminate damp and mould

Part 1 - Limelite Easy Bond – breathable primer
Part 2 - Limelite Renovating Plaster
Part 3 - Limelite High Impact Finishing Plaster

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Technical Data

Density set and air dried 1000 - 1100 kg/m3
Wet Density 1325 - 1460 kg/m3
Compressive strength at 28 days (20°C) 10 N/mm2
Flexural Strength at 28 days (20°C) 2.1 N/mm2
Thermal conductivity (k) at 3% moisture by volume 0.3 W/m°C

Typical Coverage

Application Thickness Area
10 mm 100 m2 / tonne
10 mm 2.5 m2 / 25kg bag

Figures are approximate and do not account for site wastage.

Model Specification

Limelite Whitewall One Coat Plaster is associated with the following NBS clause:

M20 Plastered/Rendered/Roughcast coatings


Mixing Instructions
For best results Limelite Whitewall One Coat Plaster should be mixed in a clean mixing vessel using a mechanical mixer such as a slow-speed drill and paddle mixer.

Fill bucket with between 8.75-11.25 litres of clean water and add 25kg of dry powder to the water and mix for 2-3 minutes until a smooth, homogeneous working consistency is achieved.

Allow to rest for 3 - 5 minutes, then re-mix back to consistency adding small amounts of water if necessary.

Application Instructions
Substrates should be cleaned and any loose or friable material removed. Traces of gypsum plaster, bitumen or other materials that could cause a barrier to adhesion must be removed.

Substrates should be primed with Limelite Easy-Bond and the first coat of plaster should be applied once the priming coat is tacky.

The plaster should be applied in coats between 7-15mm and a minimum of 24 hours is required between coats. A suitable horizontal scratch should be applied between each coat for a key.

Clean Up & Spillages
Tools and equipment can easily be cleaned using water. Cleaning of tools and equipment should be carried out as soon as possible after application.

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