Damp and mould problems?

You need Limelite breathable plasters

Long-term damp and mould can be a serious risk to your health, causing respiratory illness and making existing health conditions worse.

The problem with regular gypsum plasters

Conventional gypsum plasters tend to absorb and retain moisture created by everyday household activities like washing and cooking. Even moisture from our breath can build up overnight in bedrooms and cause condensation on cold outside walls.

Solid walled houses

Homes built before the mid-1930s tend to be solid walled. They can suffer badly from condensation damp and mould compared to more modern cavity-walled homes.

Breathable plasters from Limelite

Limelite plasters are breathable, allowing moisture to be released, which helps to avoid mould growth. Lime is also naturally aseptic and inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould.

Warmer homes

Limelite plasters offer better thermal insulation than other plasters. They are also less likely to retain moisture which further reduces their thermal conductivity. This helps keep homes warmer.

Quick drying for faster completion

Limelite plasters also dry quickly meaning that any repair work can be completed rapidly, avoiding disruption to residents.

Take action today

Free training and advice for landlords is available now. So don’t delay, simply add your landlord’s name and mobile number and we will send them a text with details of how Limelite plasters can help solve damp and mould problems.